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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 2, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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customers are still without power this morning. dominion has over 150,000 outages just in northern virginia. bge, 248,000 and reinforcements for all those power companies are here or on their way. workers can take unscheduled leave. schools in alexandria montgomery and prince george's are canceled today. and remember, hundreds of traffic lights across the region are dark this morning. treat them as a four way stop sign, and remember to have lots of patience on the road this morning. do not blow through those intersections. we have seen the problems already, we have been faced with them. slow down, pay attention. thanks for joining us this morning. we have a lot it get to. olga breese is in for howard. she has our weather first. >> reporter: we are going to keep our temperatures in the
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middle range 90s for today. so it won't be outrageously hot. still quite warm though and our dew points are cooperating. we should top out again around 95 for a high for most of the region. 94 for reagan national airport. warmer toward manassas. as we get into the overnight tonight another treat coming our way. not only will we see middle 70s for the city center, we'll see 60s outside of the beltway. a little bit of a break for you as you head into your tuesday morning. 7-day forecast definitely going to stay fairly moderate right through the middle 90s until the fourth of july. monika? we have been giving you information all morning long that we have dark intersections all around the metropolitan area. andrea just said treat those as a four way stop and give way to the right. hov restrictions have been lifted on i-27 0, 66 east,
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metro mark regular service this morning although we are facing delays on mark. want to let you know a major closure is fox hall road between reservoir and nebraska avenue. new hampshire avenue this just in, north of north capital street is also close with wires down. that is in northwest. new hampshire avenue, north of north capital street at the 5900 block there. the beltway overall, you are beginning to see some delays around town. what i really want you to know when you approach an intersection that is dark, treat it as a four way stop. in some instances you have stop signs set up in the intersection and in some situations you have generators powering the intersection. the secondary roads, many closures, especially around in virginia. too many to mention. one closure is georgetown pike at old dominion drive in
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mclane. if you are planning to head over to the northbound side of i-95 and 3935, what you want to know is that restrictions are in effect and you are pretty much facing normal slow traffic. we'll take you to the other side of town and show you route 50. no problems to report inbound toward the beltway although you have the closure on north capital street. on mark, we are going to head over to the graphic. you have some delays on mark train, sorry about that. here we go. should be right here. brunswick 874, 30 minutes late and 870 is running 15 to 20 minutes late this morning. more in a few minutes. back to you guys. we have a team of journalists across the region this morning to bring you the latest on the mess left behind and the clean up that is ongoing. let's start in the hardest hit spot.
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kristen fisher has been checking things out on connecticut avenue in kensington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well the situation here on connecticut avenue in kensington just became a whole lot safer. but we will likely have a much bigger mess for commuters. moments ago montgomery police shut down traffic. huge trees are blocking all the southbound lanes beyond the trees, beyond the hills. power lines are still down covering the roadways. earlier they had it down to one lane in each direction. southbound traffic was being detoured. now not the case look over there and you can see all the lanes are now open to northbound traffic. which means if you normally use connecticut avenue southbound to get to where you need to go, you are now going to be detoured to
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veer's mill road. not used to handling the kind of traffic, the kind of volume that it is going to likely see this morning. you can see we still have a montgomery county police officer cones, tape blocking off this street. again from adams to decatur, southbound all traffic on connecticut is closed. pepco had said we are going to do our absolute best. they even promised to have the power lines out of the streets by this morning. that did not happen. this is really just going to be a nightmare for morning commuters this morning. in terms of the other parts of montgomery county, we still have 350 intersections still in the dark around the county. we were in friendship heights earlier. that was terrible. all the lights were dark. on wisconsin avenue, farther south on connecticut avenue.
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traffic nals in the dark. watch the traffic signals, make sure you treat it like a four way stop. as for all the residents who live along here, they too are still in the dark. now we want to check things out in the district. near randall circle, minnesota avenue southeast. what about the mess there delia? >> reporter: as daylight breaks here, we can assess the situation here. a lot of the trees are down. take a look at the power lines and how frequent they have fallen. a branch here in randall circle, you can see one power line down. then you head over to the intersection of 31st minnesota a third line down. literally this neighborhood scattered with downed power lines, many of them live wires, so the streets have been
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blocked off in the area. mark if you want to swing over to this other end of minnesota, you can see the traffic lights are now working. we have lights in the area, however police are still detouring. folks still manning those intersections because of the dangerous nature of the power lines that are in the neighborhood. so when you come down minnesota avenue, be prepared to detour your way around randall circle. it is going to be a tough commute for many and we have seen as the morning commute gets underway and folks are really heading out to head to work this morning, lots of confusion as folks try to navigate around and figure out how to get to where they are going. patience is certainly key today. just pay attention to the cops who are in the intersections, directing traffic. there is no police presence and still some traffic light signal
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issues on alabama avenue and hillcrest. another blacked out intersection and another blacked out intersection there. so proceed with caution as you are heading to work today. and pack your patience. back to you. delia, we are hearing from the governors of maryland and virginia. calling the pepco delays unacceptable. have we heard anything from dc leadership. anything from officials? >> dc officials are urging folks to be patient, call 311 if they have any additional issues. they say they have worked hard to clean up the area in regards to debris. but at this point they are saying folks be patient, we know we are going to work with pepco and you can imagine everyone is anxious to get their power back on. they have opened some rec centers in the area and a
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cuppal here east of the river, ward 7 and 8. they are opening those up as cooling centers for folks who don't have any ac, or any power at home. so we know there is some help out there for residents, but certainly they are going to be a little frustrated to get this power back on. >> a lot of people spent the weekend taking care of downed branches in their yard. now the question is, what do you do with them? >> we have some answers. dc says break up your debris into bundles four feet in length and two feet in diameter. if you leave it in your front yard they will be picked up by sunday. trash pickups will also be altered this week in the district. once a week service will be pushed a a day later. twice a week service will also be a day late. keep it right here with 9news now. we will be right back.
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we are back at 6:12 with the latest on our epic storm aftermath. this is a scene a lot of people dealt with this weekend. lines at the gas station. this was the line in glenwood springs. people lined up to fuel their cars with gas and to get fuel for generators. a lot of stations and places without power are quickly running out of fuel. virginia one of the hardest hit places. we have had a lot of hardest
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hit places. joining us now on the phone is ken barker, vice president of customer solutions with dominion power. >> we have made good progress over the last few days, obviously a lot of work to do. we have got to get geep these subdivisionss, where there is catastrophic damage and rebuild our facilities. bottom line it is all about the individual customer that doesn't have power. we know that, we get that and we have got to get this power on. >> when you talk about getting deep into the neighborhoods, you talked about the infrastructure. and pepco has been talking about infrastructure. does it start in the neighborhood? or somewhere else in a big substation and then you have to work your way into the neighborhood? >> it does. i know that frustrates customers when they see the crews on you on the main corridors and thinking why aren't they in the neighborhoods? but we have to start at the source, the sub stations we
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call them and work to the indictment aand over the next few days you'll see our crews back in the subdivision and his rebuilding literally, our facility. a lot of work to do but i will assure customers you'll see more and more of our crews keeper in the subdivisions over the next few days. >> who is responsible? dominion needs to get the power going. we know that is your response. but they are all entangled in tree branches. is that your responsibility as well to cut the trees and get them out from underneath the wires or whatever? or is that another agency? >> well, we work with various agencies to do that. when it is local or the department of transportation. but any homeowner that has a chainsaw, do not go anywhere
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that has trees we consider you'll of those energized until we take care of them. it is a great point to warn homeowners, stay away until we get there. it can be a very dangerous situation. ken barker, thanks so much for your time. we'll check in with you in a little bit. he is with anyonian power. >> his title even puts a lot of responsibility on him. vice president of customer solutions. olga can offer some solutions. >> reporter: i'm thinking cold front maybe? that could stir up showers and storm. today's temperatures better than yesterday. we are headed for highs in the middle 90s. mostly cloudy skies this morning through midday and late day though. you'll get breaks in the sunshine. by late afternoon we'll make it out of the 80s through the
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90s very quickly and later on this afternoon, topping out into the middle range 90s for most of us. here's what futurecast has to say. we are moving things off the coast. by late day we'll pop up more scattered showers and thunderstorms. tuesday afternoon and tuesday evening another pop coming our day. -- our way. it is a code orange for air quality today. winds out of the north at 5 to 10 miles per hour. we are going to work on that through the next couple of days. 94 degrees today and tomorrow thursday friday and saturday slowly building back to the
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upper nines. yes we will bring back heat index later on this week. mark brunswick delays overall, you are facing 10 to 45-minute delays and now metro will honor your tickets. if you are fbl financialing to take mark jump on metro this morning. inbound i 66 inside the beltway restrictions. outside the beltway 66 you have them in effect. regular service on metro mark and v r e. now if you are planning to head over on canal road that is a major closure and will be that way for awhile. if you are planning to head on i-27 0, again restrictions are lifted and traffic is moving well actually counsel from frederick to the.where the
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lanes divide. our sky 9 has been hovering over in the silver spring area and they tell us route 29 and georgia avenue near the beltway signal lights are dark. therefore police are directing traffic. you can see that here from our sky 9 and it is going to slow you done a bit before the beltway, north of the beltway on georgia avenue and route 929 in the silver -- 2 in the silver spring area we spoke to dave buck awhile ago and he said about 80 intersections are affected across the state. jessica doyle said in arlington 50 intersections are out and fairfax quantity about 80 intersections. 6 intersections affected in the district. so a tough early morning commute. give yourself the that time. -- the extra time.
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coming up, i'll update you on area roads. once the power comes back on, at some point you have to open your refrigerator. >> it's been 48 hours or more since the storm, here's some advice on what to do. items like dairy poultry soft cheese and his seafood especially have to be thrown away if they have been at more than 40 degrees for two hours. mayonnaise and atari sauce need to be thrown away. peanut butter, pickles, ketchup, they are okay to keep. if you kept your freeser closed, they are okay in there. if they have ice crystals or are kept below 40 degrees. that is the magic number. stay with 9news now.
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we are back at 6:23 monday morning. about 55 hours after the massive storm on friday and we are all dealing with the clean up. >> one of our crews just arrived in falls church, virginia. look at this huge tree down in falls church, virginia. that is one of the reasons why this is going to be slow going, restoring power to neighborhoods. as you head out to work today and you hit the roads, there are hundreds and i mean several hundred stop lights out in montgomery county alone. sky 9 over veer's mill road in montgomery county. you can see the traffic is backing up quickly. patience is the big thing. if you read twitter, they'll tell you there is lots of honking going on.
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>> hopefully there are at least police in heys huge intersections stop signs at that many lights can be difficult and pack your patience. >> nathan hager wrote no traffic lights just stop signs and lots of honking. so you know, the heat people without air conditioning for days that, can get your internal temperature going. hopefully everybody can take a deep breath this morning. local governments are encouraging people to take metro today. metro says they are ready for the extra work. >> it is not going to be your normal commute. the transit agency implemented a new round of fare hikes. the peak of the peak surcharge is begun. commuters are urged to get that
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plastic is that right trip card. metro bus fares went up to $1.60, $1.80 if you are using cash. tiger woods now has the second most wins on the pga tour. he closed with a 2 under final at the at&t national. tiger is now eight tour wins behind sam need for the most all time. it is 6:25. up next we'll go live to dc, maryland and verge individual for the latest on the storm clean up efforts. we will also talk live with pepco to get some answers from them. right now monika has a quick check of the traffic. coming in from the beltway and i 97, crew road is closed.
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in lanham closed between 50 and 450. you are watching 9news now. a lot more to come. stay with us. chase freedom gives you 5% cash back? at restaurants now... bon appétit guys, enjoy. activate your 5% cash back at
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we are still dealing with that epic storm, the aftermath from friday. >> here's the latest. more than a half million power customers across the region are still without power this morning. pepco and dominion say it could be this weekend before everyone's power is restored. local lawmakers say that is not
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good enough. federal offices are open this morning but workers can take unscheduled league. montgomery college and nova community college campuses are close this had well. >> there are hundreds of traffic lights across the region dark this morning. so remember treat those intersections as a four way stop sign. hov rules have been lifted on 270 inside the beltway. we'll be talking with pepco in just a few moments. monika is going to tell us what it is like on the roads this morning. olga breese is in for howard. around 80 still? >> reporter: right about 80 degrees right now. we dropped down to 80 at reagan national. 90s by lunch time, middle
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90s by late this afternoon. we could hear a little bit of rumble later on today. >> reporter: we are going to go live to our sky 9, this is an intersection where police are directing traffic, but they are only able to direct at some major intersections. overall the latest information is that there are 240 signal lights dark right now at intersections around montgomery county. 240 and that is the latest number. some of them have stop signs set up, some are powered by a generator and some as you can see here, where police are directing. be aware of that. that is going to be your situation all over the greater metropolitan area this morning. mark brunswick delays, overall on our trains this morning, metro will honor your tickets to
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help you out. i-70 and 66 inside the beltway, 395 and 66 outside the beltway, you will have normal restrictions. generally speaking regular service although like we just mentioned you may find some delays but public transportation still a good way to go. on 95, you have hov restrictions in effect and normal slow traffic as you come up through woodbridge and on 35 as well. heading toward seminary road. all lanes are open i'm happy to see here generally saying here in virginia, another look at that big picture. connecticut avenue through kensington is part of your morning mizzou, you are going to have to probably take an alternate route. >> reporter: kristen, do you have any updates for commuters,
6:33 am
who are making their way? >> reporter: guys, i have some good news. finally the avalanchery has arrived -- the calvary has arrived. look. we have pepco crews now on scene, working to remove those power lines, which is great, because once the power lines are out of the street, it means the tree cutting craws can come in and finally open up this (audio difficulty) >> they didn't get it done in time for the morning rush. right now all southbound lanes are still close odd connecticut between adams and decatur. (audio difficulty). >> unfortunately, we are having trouble with her audio. >> the good sight is getting the lines off the ground and
6:34 am
hopefully become on the poles. >> connecticut avenue through kensington is closed so they can do that work. age alternate route is advised. >> people are asking why isn't there a truck like that in my neighborhood? let's go to the district. in southeast washington. good morning. are we seeing any pep crow crews there? >> reporter: unfortunately not. i wish i could bring you better news. we have still downed power lines. randall circle will remain close today commuters this morning. approaching randall circle, police are standing guard at that intersection to prevent folks from coming through. you can see though, traffic lights are working. we do have electricity in portions of the area, but several downed wires. if you can pan down on 31st
6:35 am
street, you see one of the many power lines we have seen scattered throughout the streets here. so many are blocked off to residents, to commuters, so it will be a very tough commute for lots of folks. call 311 if you have any additional issues and cross your fingers for pepco to come to your street soon. we had a great tweet from a former colleague of ours. if you see a pepco truck, they are putting it on you there for christmas. jessica doyle is live in falls church where sunrise is starting to shed some light on things on sleepyhollow road. wow jessica. >> good morning to both of you. i'll tell you this is the situation we are looking at.
6:36 am
this is the reason why folks here will probably not have power, good through possibly the weekend. the situation with northern virginia, dominion power saying essentially 80 to 85% of folks will have their power by tomorrow. by thursday dominion power will have the power on for nine to 95%. folks will get it back probably on the weekend. let me show you this oak tree here. let me show you about 1000 pounds of tree laying in the road. some sort of wind came along and snapped this tree about 20 feet high. this is the problem that they are dealing with here. if you get all the way to the pole, it is almost snapped in half at the top. that means we have got a number of things that have to happen they have to take the tree up, they have to repair the pole, they have to bring the line back
6:37 am
up. that is just for this street. i can tem you there is about a two mile swath that doesn't expect to have power anytime soon. if you are taking the roads in the major arteries today, route 50 parts of it is still dark. lee highway, parts of that still dark. you can expect major delays on your ride in through work. want to let you know the boil water advisory is still in effect, for tyson's corner, vienna, dunn line. jessica doyle live in falls church, virginia this morning. cooling centers will reopen today to help thousands without power escape from the heat. >> three centers are open today, two community centers and the rockville swim and fitness center. prince george's county will reopen centers available since saturday, including three
6:38 am
offering 2 hour service. dckept locations in wards 3 and 8 open all night for residents. also a lot of community libraries and shopping centers will be backed. stay with 9news now. we'll be right back
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welcome back. 6:91:80 degrees right now and we are going to take a live look first from our sky 9. this is at the intersection of georgia avenue and forest glenn. and you can see that there is police direction here. but the big reminder is you are going to find hundreds of intersections with the lights dark. give way to the right. we just heard about the tweets our anchors were just talking about there is a lot of honking going on. if you give way to the right, everything should run smoothly. if you look closely at there one, there is a stop sign set upright in the middle of the
6:43 am
road. here fortunately at georgia and forest glenn, you are finding some police direction. now let's take you around to our graphics. first of all a heads up. hov restrictions are lifted on i-27 0 and 66 inside the beltway. metro mark v r e, running on regular service. there are major delays on mark. canal road another major thoroughfare closed down between reservoir road and arizona avenue. please choose your alternate routes. macarthur being one of them. if you are planning to head over on our public transportation, mark brunswick lines are running 10 to 45 minutes late, metro will honor your tickets. >> northbound 95 and 395 restrictions are in effect. route 50 seems to be doing okay, heading for the beltway. you want to be aware of that.
6:44 am
give yourself the extra time that you need. you are going to need patience this morning, as well. several secondary roads remain closed with trees and wires down and crews are working to fix that situation as well. we'll keep you posted on the situation around town, coming up in a few minutes. in the meantime, back to you guys. i'm here in the weather center with olga, she is in for howard bernstein. >> reporter: we have softened the soil a couple of areas calls will come in. you want to be careful with some of the trees. the forecast will stay on the steamy side. we are working northwest winds this morning, day planner has cleared out the moisture. we think you are going to be dry for the morning commute. lower 90s by your lunch break, middle 90s by later on this afternoon. the clouds start to fill in late today, we could see a shower or thunderstorm begin to develop,
6:45 am
but i'm optimistic this is going to hold off at least until the 7:00 hour. or at least the evening commute. for today though the moisture has moved offshore. we are clear in the metro area. we are, however, tracking the opportunity for more heat headed our way today. great morning temperatures right now. enjoy this while it lasts. futurecast does show the clouds are clearing on out. around about 5:00, 6:00, keffler by the 7:00 hour, we bring in more moisture overnight tonight. we are going to clear out, we are officially calling it a partly cloudy start for your tuesday morning. late day tuesday our summertime pattern, more showers and storms. highs for today, fairly comfortable at the 93 for
6:46 am
bethesda. the next three days are yellow alert days. independence day is looking pretty good. we might see showers or storms develop on the evening of the fourth of july. back in the upper 90s. thanks a lot, olga. a lot of people are going to spend probably this whole week chopping up branches. what do you need to know when it comes for insurance paying for his damages? we were just talking andrea, she has a tree that started in one yard, landed in another. anything that has fallen on your property is simply your responsibility. unless you have notified that neighbor prior to, with a letter, certified letter, even though it is your neighbor
6:47 am
right next to you, and maybe included photos that the tree is sick or damaged and poses a threat to your property, which would, at that point, create liability for the neighbor to act prudently or trim the tree or take the tree down, if you haven't done that, if it lands on your yard, oil the chainsaw up. unless it damaged your property. then you have a claim. one of the interesting things is if you are living in a condominium or apartment complex, where do the responsibilities lie? >> i think it is a common oversight to think because you don't have a lawn and necessarily a tree that is a neighbor's tree, if you live in an apartment or condo building, all the things are your responsibility. if you live on the third floor and a tree goes through the roof. the things inside of your unit are your responsibility.
6:48 am
you need to make sure you have renters insurance and condo insurance and homeowners insurance. we always hear with insurance companies the act of nature clause. some say they can't control it. where does all this stuff lie? when you talk about a tree coming down that is an act of nature, are things like that likely? yes let's go back to the condo example. are the things likely to get covered? > ia. it is a covered cause of always. so just because it is an act of nature, all that takes away a liability. if it is your neighbor's tree and a big wind comes through, all that does is take away their liability of having to pay. if up to do the neighborly thing, we'll pay their deductible. again just to reiterate if the roots are on one side of the property and the extent of the
6:49 am
tree is on another side of the property, whatever is on your property line. >> all you. you have to be real careful with that. i think sometimes it can cause a resist between neighbors, that are refusing to pay. it is not their responsibility unless you notified them prior to the tree coming down. >> good information. andrea, back to you. many people are using portable generators to power their home. but the national fire prevention says customers should follow safety precautions. generators should be placed in well vein isolated areas, away from doors, windows and vents. never used the generator inside an attached garage, even if you have the garage door open and make sure to install carbon monoxide detectors in your home finally they say to always turn off a generator before refueling
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welcome back. we are looking good right now. we have a forecast that is going to feature a bit of a warm-up by later on this afternoon. in fact temperatures are moving out of the 80s into the 90s. by lunch break we should hit a high of 95. the news before you go is all about the aftermath of our epic storm. let's go live to kristen fisher. >> reporter: right now pepco crews are finally removing the downed power lines in kensington. they didn't get it done for the
6:54 am
morning rush. all southbound lanes are closed. >> reporter: commuters waking up if a mess this morning lots of detours around the area. because of downed power lines said pepco needs several days because the officials urge patience. this morning begins at the top of the hour. more on the national impact of the storms. >> stay with 9news now.
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a hot one today. middle 90s and yes muggy during the overnight. tracking a chance for late day showers and storms until later on this afternoon. more for the same tomorrow again back in the middle range 90s.
6:58 am
fourth of july looking good. daytime is looking great. on the fourth of july we are tracking a chance for late day showers and storms hov restrictions are lifted on 270. mark brunswick delays metro will honor your tickets. 66 outside the beltway 35 they are still in effect. here at georgia avenue on 16th street the police cannot be everywhere. if you come upon an intersection that is dark treat it as a four way stop and give way to the right. cbs this morning is next with more on the storm's impact here and around the country.
6:59 am
>> remember when the power goes out you can always follow us on your mobile device. like us on facebook or follow us on twitter. we'll give you more information on your weather and traffic. a lot more information to come. we'll have more on your weather and road closures, until then have a great day


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